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Proso Millet Idli Rava - Kaulige Foods

Proso Millet Idli Rava

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[Also called: Variga (Telugu), Baragu (Kannada), Pani Varagu (Tamil), Chena (Hindi)]

Proso Millet Idli rava can be used to prepare idlis.

You can start by replacing a part of the paddy rice rava with millet rava - you can feel the difference in taste and "wholesomeness". Also, if you are used to devouring 10 paddy rice idlies, these will make you feel full by 6!

About Proso Millet

Proso is very rich in protein and niacin (Vitamin B3). Traditionally, proso has been highly regarded as recuperative food, especially post pregnency or illness.
It is highly recommended for preparing pongal (both and spicy and sweet) and payasam. Cooking time for Proso is a little more than paddy rice.

For nutritional information, click here.

For recipes, visit http://cookingwithmillets.com/ingredient/proso-millet-idli-rava/

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